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About Me

​My journey with entrepreneurship and business started back in 2006 when I enrolled as an undergraduate student majoring in Business studies. I graduated from Loughborough University with a distinction and highest honours in 2010, whereby I majored in Management and Business. I did study a wide array of subjects pertaining to business start-up including strategic management, economics, political sciences, economics, psychology, human resources and marketing.

Academia is my passion as teaching and researching are interwoven in the fabric of my being.


- January (2022)

How recent governmental efforts fall short of satiating the needs of the multilingual tech. savvy Egyptian youth post 2011 revolution. A study based on entrepreneurship ecosystem theory. Centre of African Studies. CAREED. University of Western Scotland. United Kingdom

- April (2021)

rethinking “institutional constrains” in terms of “institutional voids” that have to be filled by resilient entrepreneurs”? offering an optimistic approach in the study of digital institutional logics, 

Academy of International Business, UK & Ireland Chapter. University of Greenwich. United Kingdom.

- June (2019)

“Towards a comprehensive framework of institutional theory within the context of emerging regions; the case of Egypt”,  

in Regional studies Association RSA conference, Spain,

- December, (2015)

"The challenges facing women entrepreneurs; A comparative study in Egypt vs Nigeria?   

* Nominated by the committee to be published in the international business and management journal, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

-March, (2011)

“the personality characteristics of female entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts”.  

Chios institute or Mediterranean Affairs CIMA, conference for young researchers. Istanbul, Turkey

- July (2021)

To what extent did social capital play a role in mediating the effect of the institutional voids of the digital ecosystems in Egypt?

European Group of Organisational Studies. EGOS. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

- September (2020)

“Understanding Capital, Labour and Market Institutional Voids of the ICT sector in Egypt & how they influence the Process of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”, 

British Academy of Management, 2020

- November, (2019)

“How Entrepreneurs employ social capital to cope with institutional voids of entrepreneurship ecosystems in emerging markets”,

in the conference of Regional Studies Association RSA, London, United Kingdom

- October (2013)

"Why Self-Employment Is Not Seen Attractive? Areas of Commonalities and Differences between the Theoretical Literature and the Practical Findings Within an Egyptian Context Review" 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology. WASET international conference and journal.

-June, (2011)

“Male and Female Entrepreneurship: theory to practice”,

Eurasia Business and Economic Society, EBES, Istanbul Turkey


-"lovethyself; that’s it!". انا بحبني. (2018). Rawafed Publishing. (published in Arabic)

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