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About Me

My journey with entrepreneurship and business started back in 2006 when I enrolled as an undergraduate student majoring in Business studies. I graduated from Loughborough University with a distinction and highest honours, whereby I majored in Management and Business. I did study a wide array of subjects pertaining to business start-up including strategic management, economics, political sciences, economics, psychology, human resources and marketing.

Academia is my passion as teaching and researching are interwoven in the fabric of my being. I did study for my master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Essex University, in 2012, whereby I was awarded another distinction in my thesis studying entrepreneurship personality, cognition and sociological background compared to corporate employment. 


Also, since 2017, I have embarked on researching digital and fashion entrepreneurship ecosystems, institutional voids and social capital theories, to become a PhD researcher in the triple accredited University of Edinburgh. During my journey, I have been awarded a best paper award runner up at the prestigious British Academy of Management conference 2020 for studying the process of ecosystems and its impact on regional voids.

Additionally, I have 5 years of experience teaching entrepreneurship and Business in higher education for undergraduates, whereby I garnered 3 best teaching awards in the institutions I have worked in; twice in the British University in Egypt (BUE) 2010, as well as, once in Edinburgh business School in 2018; all based on students voting. In Fall, 2023 I received an award for scoring 4.7 in my teachings with a student commenting "absolute legend". My classes are student-led as I do stimulate critical thinking, debating as well as employing innovative methods in teaching to make learning fun and enriching. Those awards demonstrate my exceptional track record in designing and delivering workshops and tutorials on an academic level.

Not only researching entrepreneurship, but I do have a practical self-employment experience as well, as I did contribute to growing our multinational (MNC) family business in Egypt with offices in Dubai, Oman, Morocco, UK and an upcoming plan to expand in China. I did establish a Human Resources department after enrolling in ISO 9001 training and did direct the business development department for 2015-2017. Our business is a giant in the field of construction, and we work closely with senior governmental officials, as my father is a deputy minister in the current Egyptian office. I use my practical experience upon reflections for teaching which enriches my tutorials.

I seek to create impact in my community and am tenaciously motivated by achievement, so you will always see me DO in my context of my surroundings. Accordingly, I was awarded a best community award for acting as a doctoral representative of entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) department at University of Edinburgh 2020 for recognizing the efforts of aiding my fellow mates grow.

I am now studying my PgCERT, University of Edinburgh, for the designation of being a fellow of higher education. 

Feel free to contact me for opportunities of teaching, researching or/and training about business scale-ups and entrepreneurship. Kindly refer to my booking section to know the services offered to help you grow and develop as a student or/and an entrepreneur.

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