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It’s Time to end this misogynistic nightmare.. Donald Trump is BOUND to lose Women voters

A poll lauded for its accuracy shows Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump virtually tied with just few days to go before the presidential election.

The poll shows Clinton at 42 percent compared to Trump’s 41 percent; a person has to reconsider to what extent the US is declining in its reputation for harboring equality between sexes, since the actions against the American values are expressed, awkwardly through the “highest authority of the state” nominee of the Republicans, by which a person has to doubt the core of the American values since certain sectors of the society are still backing Trump, giving him a concrete chance of being elected as the president of the United states of America in 2016.

In our article, we will discuss the phenomenon of Trump or “The Donald” as known by his inner circle, as well as discussing, his verbal insults and sexual assaults against women.

What could we expect from a man who exports women as beauty pageants to be!

The American media exported the Beauty pageant culture years ago, and the most memorable in this context is when “Marilyn Monroe” flashed her sexy legs in front of the American onlookers on a subway in New York in 1955 while shooting a film of hers, after blowing her skirt leaving the people to enchant “more Marilyn More” with her responding “isn’t it delicious?” ; An iconic image dictating and defining how a woman should look physically since 1950s, in order to be called attractive, as the beauty contests.

This Culture that objectifies women’s bodies and undervalues their mind, we can’t deny that it is adopted by many men and women as well around the world not only in the US, but when it comes to a man who’s hoping to become President of the United States, we have to rethink many times, about how a misogynist like that reached this place, and how he made this fan base.

The American Elections 2016… An Irony and a Scandal

It is an irony of paradox that one of the candidates is a misogynist by core, while the other one is the first ever American Female Presidential Nominee.

The question is, can ever Trump be called a misogynist? Yes, he is, but with a certain dimension, he actually loves women and does not distance himself from them, in fact, he adores them to the extent that he used to “invade the private dressing rooms of the beauty pageants in his owned-parades without their consent having his hands as an octopus touching whatever it can reach”, as one of the unnamed contestants specified, and more than two others ascertained the fact.

Therefore, Trump loves women. OF COURSE. But does he respect them? NEVER!

Indeed, the 2016 second presidential debate between Clinton and Trump was entitled by the American press as the “worst ever debate that has occurred since the first airing of the American presidential debates in 1961, because of its indecency”; the debate included exchanged sexual assaults and very private personal attacks between the two candidates “in mean language not at all fitting a nation known to be one of the world greatest powers.

Trump Background: The only thing he inherited from his “housewife mother is the love of parting”

Recent articles, including the guardian and that of the daily mail, shed the light on the roots of the American nominee’s background to solve the riddle of his awkward attitude against women.

The daily mail, states that Trump “worshipped his mother for being a housewife inferior to her husband domination, while she never gripped and bitched against her husband’s controlling genes which were transferred to his son, Donald Trump”, while as he continues that he only inherited from her the soul of loving partying.

Furthermore, with a patronizing behavior, Trump wonders during his talks about “hiring women to top positions, while they perform well, although his mother was a housewife.

Trump puts outer beauty on a pedestal and says he knows all about beauty

Trump invaded the industry of the beauty pageant, which he is obsessed about by owning or co-owning three beauty contests MISS USA, MISS US TEEN AND MISS UNIVERSE; all the three under Miss Universe organization parent company, stating once that Angelina Jolie is not a beautiful woman, because he is a man and he knows what beauty is, neglecting how Angelina is a beautiful woman by her humanitarian work, let alone her “natural beauty” inward outward.

When coming to purchase the contests, Trump challenged the idea that Miss Pageants refused to wear swimwear, stating that “the bathing suits were coming hotter, with heels getting higher and rates higher as well.”

It is, therefore, not a secret not declare that he utterly objectifies women and consider them a “means of sexual and financial pleasure as well”.

He later stated it explicitly that “women should rely on sexual appeal”.

It is noteworthy to mention that he accused more than a woman, including the singer Cher and two TV presenters of “having an ugly face”.

Trump’s obscene history of sexual assaults including 30 verbal against woman

Earlier times during the presidential campaign, the media was geared towards addressing Trump’s racist issues regarding Muslims, Arabs, the Latinos and the disabled, but the media started to direct its full energy towards his misogyny when he mocked the TV presenter, Megan Kellyer stating “that she had blood coming out of her eyes and out of everywhere”, hinting to her monthly period.

At this point, people were stunned at his mediocre level of decency, and subsequent former contestants emerged unveiling the history of the sexually obsessed Trump for testimony, including roaming freely backstage without prior notice, and all females had to be silenced because he is the owner, in an extreme example of authority abuse.

Other facts include kissing those contests on the lips, and touching whatever his hand could reach “as an octopus”, proving that not only does he objectify women, he even lacks any small amount of moral conduct.

However, his toll of insults was culminated by the recent attack on all women when he stated explicitly that “women run after men for their money and wealth”, stating that “women can be easily grabbed by the pussy” in case a man wants to; indicating that women are subject to sexual harassment.

Sexual assault allegations: Trump groped and kissed on the mouth

Lately, a growing number of women have come forward to say he sexually misconducted them. The New York Times published a report featuring two women who said he groped them or kissed them against their will and a writer for People magazine said Trump grabbed her and kissed her while she was interviewing him for a story related to his first year of marriage with his wife, Melania Trump..

These women say they were reluctant to come forward, until his denial at the second presidential debate that his actions ever matched his words enraged them.”

He is a pedophile … WHAT A HORROR!

Donald Trump reportedly talked about dating young girls once they reached maturity. A report published in 1992, said that “he joked to 14-year-old girls that he’d be dating them in a few years.” In CBS footage from around the same time, he says of a 10-year old girl that he’d be “dating her in 10 years.”

Moreover, a woman filed a federal lawsuit, last June, against Donald Trump, accusing him of raping her in 1994 when she was thirteen years old.

The Trump effect on women

According to a recent Associated Press-GfK poll of registered voters, 64 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, while 58 percent of men view the Republican nominee negatively. Women were also more likely than men to say they’d be afraid or angry if Trump is elected in November.

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