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If you are struggling in your dissertation or your modules, do reach out to get a helping hand! I offer services to help you grow and develop into a better version of yourself as a student and an entrepreneur. Quota based on private tutorage and business consultations

teaching service - Copy.webp

Teaching modules related to business or/and entrepreneurship

£40 per hour


Strategic management consultation

£50 per hour

Crowd Applauding

Training teachers in higher education based on values of British Higher Education Academy (HEA)

£50 per hour

dissertation service.jpg

Dissertation consultation services for undergraduates

£40 per hour

marketing service.jpg

Marketing Research

£50 per hour


Mentorship for business


£50 per hour

human resource photo - Copy.jpg

Human Resource consultation based on ISO trainings

£50 per hour

*Group discounts available at 20% reduced rate for more than 3
*Kindly contact, to set a plan & transform your education to a higher level
*Customized plans also available based on your school or university programmes
*Prices based on online services through zoom or online medium of your preference. Price is subject to increase private tutorage offline.

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